The Teams feature allows you to:

  • You can now create a team, and assign team lead. The team lead owns the billing for the entire team.
  • You can set a total amount of resource hours to be shared amongst the team.
  • Team leads, or space managers can invite new, or existing members to the team. The team lead will then billed for the new team members plan.

To set up a team go to Manage > Teams, and press the circle + button.

  1. Add a team name, team lead, and a total of resource hours that will be shared amongst the entire team. 
  2. Add a team member. There are two options. The first is to add an existing member. This member will be added to the team with the plan you choose. Option two is a new member that has not yet joined smpl. Add their name, email, and plan they will have. An invite email will be sent to them.

Once this is complete, and there are members on the new team, visit the team leads member profile, and you will see the additional team members added to their membership.

See below for an example membership for a team lead with one team member they pay for.

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